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In 1962, Sun Valley Indian School began in the heart and mind of Gertrude Jones.  She had worked with Native Americans for over 20 years and wanted to do something special for the children.  Her dream was to provide a school that would make a difference in the lives of children from various reservations.  This school would be committed to providing children with a Quality Christian Education.

In January of 1963, God made this dream a reality as the school opened its doors for the first day of classes.  A handful of students started classes that year.  They lived in a small trailer located on a 5-acre plot of land.  And now, over 40 years later, Sun Valley Indian School is a campus consisting of 72 acres and 32 buildings, and we still have that same dream - to provide our children with a quality Christian education.

The foundation of Sun Valley Indian School is Jesus Christ and His plan of Salvation for all people.  Our children participate in chapel and daily Bible classes.  They learn about Jesus' love and His desire to be their best friend.  They also learn that He offers hope and help for living a good life.

Sun Valley Indian School provides a clean, warm, and safe boarding school environment, where our children live under the loving and prayerful care of dedicated dorm parents.  The children and their dorm parents participate in regular devotions, special field trips and occasional parties.  The children also learn about being responsible by sharing in dorm chores.

Sun Valley Indian School provides an education plan for children in elementary, and junior grades.  The college preparatory program allows our children to participate in a wide variety of foundational classes: science, literature, math, English, physical education, Bible, history and art.  Also offered is a choice of electives that allow our children's minds and horizons to be stretched as they experience classes like:  computer, sports, and music. 

The school is staffed by qualified and caring people who exemplify the love of God through their lifestyles.  Our staff members are born-again Christians who have a "missionary heart" for their Native American students.  Their devotion is clearly seen in their willingness to come from all over the United States to serve at Sun Valley Indian School.  Our staff instills in our children the love of learning, impressing upon them all the opportunities that life has to offer them by having a good education.

The average tuition for a student at Sun Valley Indian School will be $3000 a year. The tuition is based on taxable income.   If more than one child per family attends, our school offers additional savings.  We believe that our low tuition provides a great opportunity for our children to receive a warm loving environment, three nutritious and balanced meals per day, and a quality Christian education.

Please pray for the staff and students of Sun Valley Indian School.



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