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Part of the Sun Valley Indian School experience for our children is learning about proper care of our resident animals. These are all commonly found at their home reservations. However, often the children do not have the opportunity to learn in a structured environment about their needs for shelter, food, and care. Here, we provide an encouraging setting where they can experience a classroom curriculum coupled with hands on workshops with the horses, chickens, llamas, and sheep. It is a blessing that God has brought these creatures to us, but they do come with expenses. Please consider sponsoring one of our animals so that their needs can be met such as for food, vaccines, bedding, shearing, hoof care, and other preventative and sick care.

Hi! I am 21 years old and love living here at SVIS. I am a very blessed horse to live here with all these great people and my best friend Jr. I love to graze and I am very curious. I love getting an apple or carrot once in a while. I have special boots I have to wear because one of my front legs is just a little bit shorter than the other. With that in mind it is very important for my people to keep my hooves trimmed and healthy so my boots fit properly.


Hello there! I’m Jr. I’m sort of the head horse (or at least I like to think so). I’m a little pushy. I like to rub my head against my people’s shoulders. It’s like a shove sometimes. I think it’s great when we get visits from our people and our kids. I like to follow Blondie around. God gave us each other for company and to show the kids about horse care.


Hi! We are all part of the small herd here at SVIS. We are a mixture of both Churro, and Southdown sheep. Us older girls have been here since January 2012, but we had four wonderful babies born in Feburary, and one in May. They are so cute!

Our names are Daisy, UPS, Lucy, Stella Luna, Thunder, Pepper, Midnight, Angel, and Socks. We like to run a lot, especially when we get scared, or see our food coming!

Llama’s used to live with us as our “guard dogs” to warn us when danger was near, but they have found a new home. So for now, we are on our own, but we hope to have a new protector soon. Sheep like us are very important to the Navajo culture, so we are here to teach the students all about how to take care of us. We provide lots of wool for spinning and weaving. However, the school is missing some of the tools needed to turn our scratchy wool into soft, fluffy yarn. If anyone would like to help supply our herd with the tools needed, you can find the items here, or on our special needs page.


We are so awesome that we not only are here to help teach the children, but we also produce some of the eggs to feed them. Our people take our eggs to the livestock auction to sell and it helps to feed us. However, it doesn’t buy us all our feed or needs. We are all Buff Orpingtons and were born in April 2011. Sometimes we get scraps from the kitchen like yummy bread, corn, chips, we will eat just about anything.


There are two methods for you to donate to our Animal Sponsorship Program:

1) Mail us a check - please send to:

Sun Valley Indian School
Attn: Animal Sponsorship
P.O. Box 4013
Sun Valley, AZ 86029-4013 or

2) Online using debit/credit card via PayPal
         (PayPal account not required)

Sponsor an Animal: On-Going Online Donations:
$10 a month Ongoing

Sponsor an Animal: One-Time Online Donations:
Any Amount One-Time



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