Child Sponsorship

Our children are knocking on the door of opportunity. You can help them open that door through our Child Sponsorship program. 

The cost is only $50 a month and is tax deductible. There are many benefits to sponsoring a child. Below is general information and answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

What happens after I have decided to sponsor a child?

After we receive your first payment we will send you a letter of introduction, a photograph and biographical information about your child.

What is the length of my sponsorship?

The sponsorship program is for one year; however, we encourage you to continue sponsoring your child as long as your child is in school.

Can groups sponsor a child?

Yes! We have a significant number of missionary societies, youth groups, Sunday School classes and congregations that sponsor a Sun Valley Indian School child.

May I write to my child, and will I receive an answer?

Yes! You may write as often as you would like by addressing your letter to the child C|O "Child Sponsorship" at Sun Valley Indian School. Our children love to receive letters. We encourage the children to write to their sponsor as time permits.

May I send personal gifts to my child?

Yes! Small gifts such as clothes or personal items may be sent to your child for special days. The gift should be an appropriate gift for the child's age, literacy level, surroundings, and physical development. These should be sent to the child in care of the "Sponsorship Secretary" at Sun Valley Indian School. In addition, birthday cash and Christmas gifts of no more than $10 each can also be provided to your child. These gifts should be clearly marked and can be included with your sponsorship payment. On occasion we take the child shopping and allow him/her to purchase his/her own gift.

Can I visit the school and meet my child?

Yes! Such visits are possible and encouraged. They will be at the expense of the sponsor and coordinated through our Sponsorship Secretary. She will make sure your child knows you are coming to visit and will arrange for you to eat a meal with your child if you wish. Please give us sufficient notice to make the necessary arrangements.

Will my child have more than one sponsor?

Your sponsorship helps to pay the portion of the child's education that his/her parents are unable to afford. However, your sponsorship assistance alone does not cover all of your sponsored child's educational expenses. Consequently, the child you are assisting may be sponsored by other individuals as well. This combined assistance of caring individuals and groups makes Christian education and daily training possible at Sun Valley Indian School.

What if I am no longer able to continue sponsoring a child?

You may terminate your sponsorship at any time by writing to the Sponsorship Secretary and stating that you can no longer sponsor your child.

There are two methods for you to donate to our Child Sponsorship Program:

1) Mail us a check - please send to:

Sun Valley Indian School
P.O. Box 4013
Sun Valley, AZ 86029-4013 or

2) Online using debit/credit card via PayPal
         (PayPal account not required)

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