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Sun Valley Indian School provides a unique Work and Witness experience combining the convenience of stateside travel with the charm of a different culture. Teams interact with the staff and students in the off hours and at chapel services. Sight seeing excursions can combine the mystique of current Native American culture and historic ruins with the beauty of natural wonders. Sunsets are spectacular and teams get the opportunity to worship and fellowship at a Native American church.

Upcoming Project Ideas:

  • Showers Remodel - (plumbing)
  • Roofing (metal)
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Painting                   
  • Miscellaneous: sorting donated clothing, cutting soup labels, helping in the kitchen

If you have Work & Witness pictures of your trip to Sun Valley Indian School, please share them with us by attaching two or three photos per email to - please include descriptions and the name of your team. Thank you.

Sight-Seeing Possibilities:


Comfortable bunkroom-style quarters have meeting rooms/snack areas and an onsite laundry facility. Visitors should be able to climb stairs. Teams from 3 to 25 can easily be accommodated, and larger teams can be accommodated when school is not in session. Teams eat in the dining hall with the staff and students. A modern market, pharmacy, and variety store are located eight miles away in Holbrook. Summer months can be quite warm in the afternoons. Spring and fall are very pleasant but sometimes windy, and winter daytime conditions are usually mild.

Work and Witness projects are assigned based on the needs of the school, the availability of the facility and the skills of the team. Projects vary from heavy construction to the less strenuous sorting of clothes, cutting Campbell's soup labels, and kitchen help. Teen teams are welcome and receive a special blessing by being able to interact with Native American youth. Special projects, suitable for teens are planned. 

We ask a minimum of $200 per adult/teen per week. The contribution for staying in the W&W dorm and eating in the dining hall is: Lodging $10 per night; meals $15 per day per person (3 meals).

If you are flying into either Phoenix or Albuquerque, we ask that you look into renting a van to transport your team to Sun Valley. We have included some van rental suggestions in our information packet. Transportation from the Amtrak train station in Winslow can be arranged for pickup and delivery at 50 cents/mile.

Work & Witness Inquiries:

To inquire about bringing a Work & Witness Team to SVIS, call 928-524-6211 or email



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